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May 26, 2005


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Kim Helmick

Thanks for this great article! I've lived in Iowa most of my life and have to say I think we are "underappreciated" for the natural beauty that is our state. Thanks for taking the time to search out a little piece of Iowa and write about it!


Jeff Wignall

Hi Kim,

I think Iowa is GREATLY underappreciated. It is easily the cleanest state I have ever seen--I didn't see litter anywhere, even in Des Moines! And the countryside is just beautiful. The area around Madison County (famous for the "Bridges" book, as you know!) is just a beautiful landscape of thickly wooded rolling hills with beautiful streams. And the farms, even on the outskirts of Des Moines, are picture perfect. If anyone asked me where to go to photograph farms in the U.S., I would send them to Iowa first. Mostly though, seeing some snippets of the original Prairie and feeling what Prairie life was like is incredible. Prairie City, Iowa is one of the sweetest towns I've ever visited. I'm thinking of going back in August or September--it's just a beautiful place :) Jeff

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