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July 16, 2005


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Hmmmm....here on the comment page she IS in the center, but on the instructor blog page the picture was cut to put her more in the rule of thirds (ironically) and I admit to being partial to that one--although I'd have never thought it had I seen the centered version first. I thought you lost it at first though because she was so obviously off center (to the right of the frame).

I love the whole idea of the picture though. Very creative and wistful....


Pam M

LOL Jim! I was going to very very carefully disagree with you about your wife being located in the center of the photograph ... Until I clicked on the comments link ... THEN I could see the entire picture. The start page of your blog seems to be truncating the photographs ... neatly cropping on the right.

Now that I can see the whole picture ... I will say this: The reason the image you created completely works is entirely contained within the Gestalt Theories. Basically, as long as the judges are familiar with the psychology of images, they will know of at least six reasons that this image is a very strong piece of art.

I love it!

have fun,
[hoping hoping hoping to see you in Seattle! ... have to see how my move to Portland goes.]


Jim, your images are simply stunning and unique. The information you give in your posts is fantastic.


I like the centered one better. But I am more visually pleased by the rule of thirds. I honestly think the decision of whether to abide by the rule of thirds or not to in a photograph depends on what kind of feeling that you want to portray and send out through that photograph. All in all I definitely agree with you, but I prefer rule of thirds most of the time.

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