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July 14, 2005


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Very Good Pictures. May I ask how you have almost no "grain" or noise with ISO 1600, was the camera set to noise reduction "on", and what was the aperture? My guess, f8 - 11?

Jeff Wignall

Hi Thomas,

Thanks for the nice comment. Actually, I didn't do a thing to get the "no grain" look--it was a complete surprise to me. The Nikon processing is apparently good enough so that (at least in some situations) when you shift to ISO 1600 (the top speed) there is no noise. I just checked the meta data and both images were shot at f/4.2 which is essentially wide open on that Nikkor 75-300mm lens. I inadvertently shot some outdoor stuff the day after the circus with the ISO still set at ISO 1600 and I when I discovered the mistake (always check the ISO!) there was, again, virtually no noise. I'm going to experiment more with shooting at higher ISO speeds--mainly to get more depth of field in situations where there is more light but I'm working with long lenses.


Tim Orris

Thank you for the kind words about our circus. I am envious of your photgraphic skills Your shots from row three are better than those i get close up. Next year contact the circus early and we will see if we can arrainge press credentials to get you better positioning.
(By the quality of your work I presume you are a photo journalist)
Tim Orris
Senior Contracting Officer
Cole Bros Circus, INC
PS Clyde Beatty did not start the circus , though he did Start with Cole Bros Circus, became a movie star, Started his own show which was bought out by Cole Bros Circus in 1955. Cole Bros itselfe is 120 years old) (I only feel 120 years old)

Rod Cole

Very pleased to read your comments on the use of a 75/300 zoom lens as I have just bought a Minolta 80/300 for one purpose only, to enable me to preserve the view from my bedroom window, of Tog Hill and Freezing Hill on the horizon 12 miles away, which will be lost entirely if a local landowner gets his way to build 2 houses right in my line of sight. I was apprehensive about the use of the macro which is only effective from 5 ft. away from the object, until I focused it on the top of a holly bush and was truly amazed at what the lens could see, so I am now about to discover whether I can get the same enjoyment out of my rather impulsive purchase as you have achieved with yours.
I am not related in any way to the circus owner but was very glad to hear how entralled you were with your visit. I am only 87 but I can remember circuses I saw with the same rapture when I was only 5 years old.
Good luck with your lens



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