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August 06, 2006


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Amanda D. Austwick

Hi JIm,
I'm going to take your lighting course in the fall, but I wanted to know from a seasoned photographer like you, do you think that film is better than digital when it comes to bring out color?
I've been thinking of going back to film for some great color shots, then scanning them in my computer to work on them if I need to.
Amanda Austwick


did you digitize the Petronus Towers?

steve reffey

Hi Jim I love reading your blogs. We are going back to Paris this month (after 4 times don't know if you can get enough) then back to Amsterdam again because your classes,instruction, and photos are so amzing. The tripod will be out!

Jim Zuckerman

Hi Amanda,

I'm sorry I didn't see your question until now. Both film and digital can have intense colors -- it all depends on how they are handled in Photoshop. If you compare film that never gets scanned with digital captures that can be manipulated in RAW and/or Photoshop, then the digital files will be much more saturated in color than film.


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