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September 03, 2006


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Thomas Folke Andersen

Hi Jim,

This is a really great point and I think the two images demonstrates that beautifully. The portrait is certainly very pleasing as well.

However, you say you moved a couple of inches to the left in this situation. However, to me, this looks more like a Photoshop job than actually taking a slightly different angle? The two images are sooo similar and in the second one her hair decoration has also vanished?

I think these points (specially in tuition) hit home much more strongly if the truth about the photograph and any alterations to it are revealed. While I don't have any objection to removing the highlight in Photoshop to improve the image, I just question if it it was really due to taking up a physically different angle while shooting?

Ronal Walraven

Good morning Jim,
Great job on this image. The two appear to be identical except for the hot spot above her shoulder and the barrett in her hair.

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