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January 05, 2010


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Nancy J Locke

Thank you for the great article on natural lighting, Douglas. What beautiful examples!

Nancy J Locke

Shelley Heath

Beautiful pics, I recently signed up for the Newsletter and I'm really enjoying the info and thinking about a course, I'm an amateur portrait photographer, a quick question, what's the best light for taking an outdoor portrait shot and what lens would you recommend, close up shots and somewhat distant?
Shelley Heath

Kerry Drager

Hi Nancy and Shelley,
Thanks for the nice comments - I'm pleased that you like this blog! I'm the BetterPhoto newsletter editor and course advisor ... and an instructor too :-)

Good questions, Shelley! Many portrait shooters prefer short telephotos (with "short" meaning focal lengths from around 60mm to, say, 125mm). Soft lighting is great for portraits - solid overcast or shade.

If you're interested in a course, feel free to email me at kerry@betterphoto.com

Thanks again for the nice comments, Nancy and Shelley!

nick martyas

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