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March 02, 2012


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The other problem with DX sensor sized cameras is that the manufacturers don't have a good selection of lenses for them and don't seem interested in making them. Mirrorless cameras are eating into that market too making it less attractive to poor more money into. APS-C cameras seemed destined for obscurity. If you want something compact buy mirrorless, otherwise go with a 35mm sized sensor (full frame).


Another option, and one I'm looking at, is getting hold of a D700. "Only" 12mp, but the image quality is still superb and with the recent price reduction it's a full $800 less than the D800. The problem with getting a D700 is actually finding one...no one seems to have stock at the moment.

Also, and this will depend on how anxious you are to upgrade your rig, I'd wait before getting a D7000, excellent though it is. Nikon has promised more new camera announcements this year and a new DX format prosumer model seems likely.

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